As Mad As a Bag of Ferrets

This blog does not have a purpose, or a focus, or a theme, or any kind of profound personal discoveries of which I feel compelled to share with the world, and I adore it that way.

I have considered starting up another blog for quite some time now (after 2 short-lived attempts in the past) and struggled with the overwhelming urge to “categorize” it somehow.  Some people write about parenting–but I’m not a parent and I don’t think anyone cares to hear the discipline methods I employ with my cats.  Some people write about writing, which I believe requires experience that I don’t have.  Some people write about business, or DIY projects, or photography, aliens, photography of aliens,  fashion do’s and fashion don’t’s, dating or sometimes just weird shit like this.  I thought of blogging about linguistics (my field of study), travel, dating horrors, my cats, my triumphs and failures in the kitchen, etc., but I eventually decided on one topic: stuff that’s in my head.

Perhaps one day it will be how funny I think it is when I feed my cats turkey, or three Tuesdays from now I may write about my love/hate relationship with high heels.    Whatever will be, will be, and this is the beginning.


2 thoughts on “As Mad As a Bag of Ferrets

  1. Good luck! I read a couple of your posts and you are very talented. A sort of wit that is somehow lost in the whole world of parenting, and do and don’ts blogs which I have no interest in. Doing a good job!

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